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My portfolio highlights a variety of food images that have been taken for various projects such as commercial and editorial projects, cookbooks, restaurant branding including menus and like projects. The images are taken in a variety of ways including overhead shots, the "diner's view," and "straight-on."  The overhead shots are readily identifiable.  The images of Udon Noodle Soup with Prawns and the Berry Smoothies are examples of a "diner's view" image, i.e. shot at a 45 degree angle just the way someone would be looking at their food on the table.  The images of French Onion Soup and Blueberry Muffin were shot "straight on," which creates a dramatic in-your-face approach.     

I am committed to producing outstanding visual content - food images with an emphasis on color, lighting and display. 


It is so important to have food styled correctly.  It is not enough to just simply take a good photo.  The food needs to look appealing.  In other words, good enough to eat.  I have extensive experience cooking and styling my own images.  Having taken numerous classes at culinary school over the years, I have gained an expertise for both preparing a dish to be photographer and styling the food so that it looks tasty and scrumptious.   For those cost sensitive projects there is no need to hire the services of a stylist.  On the other hand, I have worked with a number of local stylists and when the project requires a stylist, one is always welcome on my set. 


It is equally important to use the right props for the food image.  Are you looking for a contemporary feel, a vintage feel or an ethnic feel?  Is the dish coming straight out of the oven, is the food at the marketplace or farm, are the ingredients important to the dish?  These questions drive the need for choosing the correct props for the image.  That's why I collect hundreds of unique props and dozens of background surfaces.  If your projects calls for a truly unique presentation, I can customize anything for you including props and background surface.  


If you decide you would like to work with me I will schedule an in-person, telephonic, Skype or FaceTime consultation with you.  During the consultation we discuss the scope of the project, your vision, what you expect to accomplish with the food images, your budget, your requirements and the desired end product including usage of the images produced from the project.  I will then present my ideas for the project to you in an electronic or print format (your preference) for easy viewing.  The presentation will include images that demonstrate my interpretation of your vision for the project, the scope of the project, the flavor of the project, an itemized budget (based on my understanding of your requirements), which is discussed and may be revised before the start of the project.  During this process we will also discuss the needs for additional personnel (stylist, prop assistant, etc.) and potential dates for the commencement of the project including desired finish dates. 

© 2017 Barbara Wrigley McDevitt ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota based Freelance Food Photographer


Sunny Broccoli Salad

Sunny broccoli salad made with broccoli, bacon, red onion, sunflower seeds and raisins.