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Wrigley McDevitt Photography is a Minneapolis, MN based photographer specializing in business and corporate head shots and portraiture for Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, Minnesota and surrounding areas.  We are one of the only studios in Minneapolis that specializes exclusively in headshots.

Developing expertise as a Minneapolis headshot and portrait photographer has been done over the course of years.  “What is the difference?” you may ask.  A headshot is a photo that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for branding purposes. Many headshots are promotional images of actors, models and authors. But the most common use is by just about anyone wanting to look their best online for social media sites such as Linked-in, Facebook or Google+. In particular, a head shot can be used by a Minneapolis or Twin Cities business owner to depict its business executives on a website or an “about us” website page. Other uses of headshots include using it on an individual’s e-mail “signature” or alternatively on their business card.  Wrigley McDevitt Photography captures your authentic and unique personal brand. We will work with you in “real-time” and help you select the image that best reflect the look you wish to portray.

Portraits on the other hand are less formal, less “business-y” and tell a story about a person.  A portrait can be dramatic and frequently makes use of light and dark, highlights and shadow.

What types of head shots and portraits can be taken? We offer various types of headshot and portrait photography for our Minneapolis – St. Paul headshot clients.  The Classic style is always fine art, black and white.  This is the most emotional style of portraiture.  Clothing is purposely kept dark to maximize the impact of the image.  The Contemporary style is light, bright, natural.  Clothing is professional or business casual.  Our environmental portraits are bespoke and custom tailored to suit your needs.  They are ideal for the busy Minneapolis executive who wants to be photographed in his or her surroundings – the workplace, factory, restaurant, office, etc.

Headshots are typically taken in our studio using a white, grey, or black background.  But for large groups (such as a corporation, law firm, accounting firm) we bring our gear with us to your site.  Environmental portraits are also, of course, taken at the location of your choice and we will bring all necessary gear and lighting equipment with us.  You will receive a copyright release to use your images in publications of your choice.

Lastly, if you have your own concept we will work with you to execute it.  This style is highly customized and an in-studio or other location may be selected.

Who doesn’t need an updated head shot? A professionally rendered portrait or headshot is essential for today’s on-line market place. Whether you are looking for a fresh look for your Linked-in profile, Facebook profile, your business card or Google+ count on Wrigley McDevitt Photography to give you stunning head shot results!

Still on the fence? Make an investment that will bring far-reaching results! For more information and pricing or to ask for a specific quote contact us at info@wrigleymcdevitt.com or simply use the contact form provided.

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