1. Sunny Broccoli Salad
  2. Oatmeal Cookies with Frosting
  3. Herbs
  4. Italian Meatballs
  5. Kale Still Life
  6. Tomatillos and Cilantro
  7. Barbecued Chicken Legs
  8. Bosch Pears and Red Pears
  9. Hush Puppies
  10. Italian Shakusoku
  11. Homemade Bread and Eggs
  12. Udon Noodle Soup
  13. Macaroons
  14. Pumpkin pie
  15. Minneapolis Food Photographer
  16. Mise En Place French Onion Soup
  17. Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil
  18. French Toast
  19. Berry smoothie, blackberries, raspberries, coconut flakes
  20. Tacos with pickled red cabbage, sweet potato and feta
  21. Red Onions with Honey
  22. Blueberry muffin topped with sugar crystals
  23. Olive Oil Dipping Sauce
  24. Red Chili Peppers and Star Anise
  25. Product Cookbook Photographer
  26. Minneapolis Food Photographer for Cookbooks
  27. Muesli, raspberries, blackberries, almond milk, banana
  28. Shakusoku and Toast
  29. Strawberry jam on toast
  30. Baby eggplant styled in antique pewter bowl still life
  31. Baby heirloom tomatoes with nectarines and blue cheese
  32. Prosciutto wrapped asparagus topped with bread crumbs
  33. Best Minneapolis Food Photographer
  34. Pat's Tap Minneapolis
  35. Photographer with Food Styling Experience
  36. Restaurant Menu Photographer
  37. Apple bread pudding with honey
  38. baby heirloom tomatoes with balsamic reduction
  39. Product Cookbook Photographer Minneapolis
  40. Spread of oatmeal raisin cookies with milk
  41. Minneapolis Editorial Food Photographer
  42. Pub and Bar Photographer
  43. Fresh Asparagus
  44. Restaurant Food Photographer
  45. Restaurant Photographer
  46. Cookbook Food Photographer
  47. Fruit Tart with Strawberries, Blueberries and Kiwi
  48. Minneapolis Food Photographer Thanksgiving spread
  49. Minneapolis Product Cookbook Photographer
  50. gs5dvvbo2hb
  51. Minneapolis Cookbook and Product Photographer
  52. Food Photographer Simple Ingredients
  53. Croissants and Espresso
  54. Food Photography Social Media
  55. Ethnic Menu Food Photographer Minneapolis
  56. Minneapolis Pub and Bar Photographer
  57. Minneapolis Still life food photographer
  58. Minneapolis Food Photographer and Stylist
  59. Food Stylist Photographer
  60. Minneapolis Cookbook Photographers
  61. Mpls. Food Photographer with Food as Art Experience
  62. Culinary Photographer with Food Styling Experience
  63. Food as Art Photographer
  64. Minneapolis Cookbook Photographer
  65. Minneapolis St. Paul Restaurant Food Photographer
  66. Italian cookbook and food photographer
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Minneapolis Food Photographer

My name is Barbara Wrigley McDevitt, owner of Wrigley McDevitt Photography, and I'm a Minneapolis, Minnesota food photographer. I specialize in food photography, restaurant branding, farm to table, travel, and lifestyle photography with food as an emphasis.


I am fortunate to be able to serve two outstanding areas.  From my Wayzata, Minnesota studio, I serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, and all surrounding areas. From my Cape Coral, Florida studio, I serve Miami, South Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers, Naples, and all of Southwest Florida. I'm also available for on-location projects involving domestic and international travel.

My Style

I specialize in visually driven food photographs with an emphasis on light and color—whether a single image for a menu, multiple images for a cookbook, food images for product packaging and advertising and restaurant branding including chef’s portraits, restaurant style and architecture, and plates of delicious food.   I am best known for my creative approach to composition, my style of capturing food scenes with natural light and strobes (when natural light is not available).  Since my studio opened in 2008 I have photographed countless images in which food has been the major focus whether for product packing, menus, cookbooks, restaurant advertising, editorial articles for food magazines and commercial food projects.

I have an extensive collection of vintage and contemporary props including plates, bowls and other dinnerware, linens, tableware, cookware, glasses and other sundry items.  I frequently prop my own images but also have several working relationships with individuals who do nothing else but prop and style food images.

I also have an extensive collection surfaces and other backgrounds for photographing food.  The surfaces include aged brown barn wood, aged grey barn wood, light and dark concrete surfaces, antique green planked wood, antique blue planked wood, charcoal, chalkboard, natural planked wood, asphalt, stormy sea blue, black steel, cookie sheet, distressed white, dark brown natural tobacco lath, distressed white tobacco lath, grey plaster, rust and black combination, stormy white, stormy silver, pink and grey, thrashed brown and more!  

If you are looking for the most creative, most skilled food photographer in Minneapolis or Southwest Florida then Wrigley McDevitt Photography is the studio for you.

Professional Organizations

I am a proud member of Professional Photographer’s of America, the International Association of Culinary Professionals, and the Better Business Bureau.

© 2017 Barbara Wrigley McDevitt ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota based Freelance Food Photographer